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Date: 27-02-2021

Catalyst Voting Guide

In the Cardano ecosystem, you can participate in voting and thus actively influence the future of the project. Let's have a look at it. We will show you how to do it via the Yoroi wallet....

Read More 26-02-2021, 17:57 · 6 min read ·

Native tokens on Cardano

The possibility to issue tokens on Cardano increases the utility of the network. It will bring network traffic and new users. After the Mary hard-fork, Cardano will become a multi-asset ledger. Let's ...

23-02-2021, 08:36 · 10 min read ·

Why Cardano matters

People can ask why the IOHK team works on Cardano if we have Bitcoin and Ethereum. Do we really need more public networks? These are fair questions. Let's answer them....
17-02-2021, 12:05 · 9 min read ·

Who will maintain Cardano

Cardano is a public global protocol with open source code. Millions of people can use it every day. The question is who should be responsible for maintaining the global protocol that is supposed to be...
12-02-2021, 14:13 · 14 min read ·

The adoption of Cardano is about technology

The adoption of cryptocurrencies is driven by monetary policy and utility. Which one is more important? The adoption of Cardano is more about utility than monetary policy. However, both factors are im...
10-02-2021, 18:15 · 16 min read ·

The first stable-coin on Cardano

A joint partnership of Ergo Foundation, IOG, and Emurgo resulted in the creation of the first stable-coin that is called AgeUSD. It is a crypto-backed algorithmic stable-coin protocol with some signif...
03-02-2021, 16:02 · 13 min read ·

Metadata in Cardano transactions

Cardano is to be a social and financial operating system. As such, it must be more than a transaction network on blockchain. It must be easy to extend the basic concept and add new functionalities. Tr...
29-01-2021, 10:35 · 9 min read ·

Security of Cardano

The security of public networks is not governed by a centralized authority. It is something that evolves organically with the growth of projects. Let's have a look at how secure Cardano is....
25-01-2021, 14:46 · 18 min read ·

Oracles in the Cardano ecosystem

Smart contracts technology has enhanced the abilities of blockchain networks and added programmability features. A trusted link between the digital world and the physical could be another such enhance...
14-01-2021, 15:03 · 14 min read ·
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