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Guide for delegating of ada coins within Shelley test-net for the Yoroi wallet

Now obsolete guide related to delegating to a pool in the Shelley test-net. 29-07-2020, 11:05 · 7 mins read
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Yoroi wallet

Here’s how to delegate ada coins via Yoroi wallet to a pool within the Shelley Cardano test-net.

The user-friendliness of the Yoroi wallet is, like Daedalus, at a high level, so everyone can easily delegate. It’s even easier with Yoroi than with Daedalus.

What do you need

To delegate ada coins you need only 3 things:

  1. Chrome or Firefox internet browser.
  2. SEED from the main-net Yoroi wallets, where they were ada coins at the time of the second snapshot, which took place on November 29, 2019.
  3. Testnet wallet Yoroi. You can download it for your internet browser from the official website:

Incentivized Testnet

The Incentivized Testnet allows us to test something our earlier testnets couldn't: real behavior - and real behavior…

Description of procedure

The procedure requires three easy steps:

  1. Adding a wallet extension to the internet browser.
  2. Recovery of the wallet from SEED.
  3. Delegating of ada coins to a pool.

The wallet installation

Click one of the icons, depending on whether you’re using Chrome or Firefox.

Pick one icon for your browser

Add an extension to your browser. In this case, we’ll use Chrome. Adding to the browser takes a short while and since it’s a lightweight wallet, there’s no need to download the blockchain. You can use your wallet immediately.

Add the extension to Chrome

Wallet recovery

Click the Yoroi test-net icon in the top bar of your browser. A new browser window will open. Choose your language and accept the terms of use.

Yoroi allows you to create a new wallet or restore an existing one. We are going to renew. Click the Restore wallet button.

Click to Restore wallet

You will be asked if you want to recover your wallet from 15 words of SEED or from a paper wallet. We will recover via SEED.

Enter the wallet name, SEED, and password you will need to send coins away from the wallet.

Fill in the form

After the restore, you will see a safety information window.

Remember the checksum

The wallet will then prompt you to upgrade to a version that allows coin delegation. Click the CHECK button.

Upgrade the wallet if needed

Then your wallet will offer you the option to restore balance. Click the TRANSFER FUNDS button.


Before the delegation of ADA to a pool, you have to find one that offers a solid ROI. Read our article about the topic:

How Cardano pool operator fees work

The Cardano Shelley incentivized test-net has been launched and people can delegate their ada coins to the selected…

After that, you need to wait a moment for the network to transfer the balance to the wallet through the transaction. Once the balance appears, you can go to DELEGATION (SIMPLE).

You can delegate to Cardanians pool with ticker CRDNS

You can easily find the pool by name. For example, type Cardanians pool with a CRDNS ticker in the search box. Once the pool is found, just click the DELEGATE button.

A menu appears that prompts you for the spending password. After you enter the password, a transaction with your delegation request is sent. In DASHBOARD you will see the current status. Note that the coins are not yet delegated. The amount of delegated coins is 0.

Not delegated yet.

In outgoing transactions, you can check that the transaction is on the way.

The transaction with the delegation request is on the way.

After a while, the transaction goes through and you see in DASHBOARD that we have successfully delegated ada coins to the Cardanians pool.

Successfully delegated to the Cardanians pool.

On the left side of the Epoch Progress, you can see that we managed to delegate at the last minute. You must wait for 2 epochs, the current one and one more before you get your reward. In test-net, the epoch lasts only one day and the number of slots is 43200.


Thank you to IOHK, Cardano Foundation and Emurgo teams for their effort on the Cardano project. We believe that the project succeeds and will be mass adopted.

Happy staking!

Source: Guide for delegating of ada coins within Shelley test-net for the Yoroi wallet

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