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The mission is the best thing on Cardano

Cardano is a mission-oriented project. People should not be blinded by investment opportunities. They should rather understand Cardano's mission first. It is the mission that can change the world. The profit of individuals will not make the world a better place for living. 18-02-2022, 14:05 · 11 mins read
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The mission is always in the first place for teams behind Cardano

Cardano is the third generation of an open-source blockchain project. Charles Hoskinson decided to build on top of Bitcoin’s success and bring necessary innovations and high-quality engineering into the world of cryptocurrencies. He put together a strong team of mathematicians, scientists, specialists on cryptography, programmers, and other smart people. The spirit of the three official Cardano entities is driven by the passion to create an open social and financial operating system. The global decentralized network is based on blockchain technology and will be technologically mature to serve billions of people around the world. Cardano is going to be an open platform that seeks to provide economic identity to people who lack it. The platform will provide the possibility to create applications that can manage identity, value, and governance. As such, it allows serving as a technological backbone for the creation of new independent communities that strive for higher freedom and autonomy.

IOHK, Cardano Foundation, and Emurgo are mission-driven entities and they build Cardano with passion. The mission is always in the first place. Unlike many profit-oriented companies, these three entities never forget the basic principles of the mission at the core of their endeavor. The mission is clearly and explicitly communicated via media and everybody can find many articles, podcasts, and videos. More and more people search for information about Cardano and they like the mission. The members of the three Cardano entities actively communicate with governments and other authorities to explain the mission and find out how the project can help in the real world. Communication helps to understand the issues. Thus, it is possible to address the issues and Cardano is built to solve them. Cardano brings the revolution in its technology but it is the evolution when we talk about interconnection to the current financial, social, and political structures. Cardano does not bring revolution without asking for permission. Decentralization is a concept that can be easily realized in the digital world of the Internet but it can be harder in the physical world. The concept of decentralization must be explained and offered. After that, it can be accepted by people and it can be expected that people will love to accept it for the many advantages the decentralization can offer.

Passion is the key motivation for people that build Cardano. The vision is clear, everybody understands the mission and the quality of the project reflects it. You can read tens of academic studies that have been peer-reviewed and accepted at major conferences, you can have a look at GitHub. The Cardano project is repeatedly the winner regarding the activity on GitHub. It is easy to hire a bunch of programmers to build a blockchain project or a smart contract platform for you if you have money. You can find many profit-oriented projects. You can find patented technologies, you can find projects that are not open-sourced. Cardano is fully open-sourced regarding studies and the source code and it is built by people that do it with love and passion. It makes Cardano unique.

The mission is important for the adoption

Blockchain, decentralized networks, and smart contracts are not only technology. Technology can solve some problems here or there but we believe that blockchain technology is a fundamental technology that can have a significant and positive impact on the social, financial, and even political structures. As such, the concept of decentralization must be adopted not only from a technological point of view. The mindset of people on all levels of the social hierarchy must be changed. The technology itself is not capable of disrupting the world if people do not want to. People must be familiar with the concept of decentralization and they must actively require it when interacting with other people or even authorities. Regarding the interaction with authorities, it will obviously not happen if authorities do not adopt the technology and people do not push them to use it. Both, people and authorities, must understand the advantages of decentralization and the mission of the Cardano project. People might not fully understand the technology and they might face difficulties when trying to grasp all details behind the peer-to-peer networks, blockchain, cryptography, smart contracts, etc. It can be difficult to understand the technology but it is easy to understand the mission and the advantages that Cardano can offer.

The mission is more important than people usually think. The brand and the mission attract people’s attention. They must first understand the mission. Then, they will be willing to use Cardano technology. Nowadays, technology is everywhere and we can try thousands of new services every day. The Internet is overflooded by services so the attention of users is distracted. The mission, the promise of a better future, and personal benefits are things that can be clearly communicated and that can bring attention.

The network effect is a very important aspect of adoption. People that adopt Cardano will attract other people. Cardano is a global network that will be available literally everywhere if there is a possibility to connect to the Internet. Nobody needs permission to use the network. Installing a Cardano wallet is for free. Transaction fees are low. It is necessary to start using the network. The capabilities and the number of services will grow as new features will be released by the IOHK team. Lust for trying alternative services is critical for success. Nowadays, there are plenty of decentralized services and applications in the crypto-space. Do not hesitate to play with the Cardano applications. The more people will use it the more newcomers will join us. It is possible to increase freedom, autonomy, self-sufficiency but it does not come for free. It is necessary to learn and play around with Cardano services.

Cardano is a global network. The Internet was invented to digitally connect people and provide them services. Cardano is built to provide a decentralized nature of digital services. Cardano is the platform that gives everybody the possibility to create a decentralized service. Such services can be immediately used by people in the whole world. We can get rid of unnecessary middlemen. Everybody will be able to create cheaper, more reliable, more secure, transparent, and fair service. There will be no censorship, different treatment, no Know Your Customer (KYC) if you do not want, no permission required to use Cardano services. These are the advantages that must be explained to people. It is the mission that will be beneficial for all of us if we reach the goal. Do not hesitate to spread the word. Every new user is counted.

Who will benefit from Cardano

The mission-oriented project is historically associated primarily with the non-profit sector or non-governmental organizations. A mission is defined in order to sustain and promote the social values that a project can bring regardless of profit for people that actively work on it. The definition of success is measured by the positive impact on society rather than by performance or profit. Cardano will be successful when it provides a social and financial operating system. The mission will be considered successful when individuals and communities get opportunities to participate in alternative social and financial systems or the current systems use Cardano for building digital infrastructure. Real-world issues are well-known and described. At least some of them would be considered a success.

The majority of people must benefit from the existence of Cardano. Not the team or Charles Hoskinson. The IOHK is a for-profit company. The team must be well-paid for the work on Cardano and. To be honest, I cannot imagine that such a great team would exist without economic incentives. Science and software development takes a lot of time and effort and the people could not work on Cardano without being well paid. That is the fact and the reality of software development. In our perspective, it is not a problem at all. A mission-oriented company does not necessarily need to be a non-profit one. Profit-oriented companies can be mission-driven ones and objectives can be fully oriented to success that is measurable by social welfare rather than money. It is the team that decides about the definition of success. Nobody else. People join the project not only for the money but also for the mission. Cardano Foundation is a non-profit company that takes care of the Cardano ecosystem.

In the case of Cardano, everybody in the world can become a stakeholder via buying ADA coins. Cardano is built for the community and everybody can freely join us. There must not be an owner of the Cardano network. Everybody who wants to use Cardano can also be the owner of the network. Thus, everybody can participate in the success of the network. It can be Charles, members of the teams, big investors, hedge funds, you, and me. Decentralized governance will make Cardano truly decentralized in the sense of ownership. Everybody can have a voice in the Cardano ecosystem and decide how to invest money that will be collected in the project’s treasury.

Stake-holders usually care about the price

Stakeholders usually care about the price and Cardano is not an exception. In our view, the Cardano project is unstoppable and it is very probable that it will succeed. The mission is set, the roadmap is in place, there are the right people in the right places. The community is big and grows. The public interest increases nearly every day. The teams will work on Cardano till the mission is completed. It does not matter whether it takes the next 5 or 10 years. If there is a technological obstacle on the way then it will be resolved. Regulatory uncertainty can slow down the adoption of the project but not stop it.

People should talk about the mission of the project, about the concept of decentralization and real utility in the first place. The market capitalization can be discussed in the second place. As we said, the project is at the beginning and the utility will come together with developers that will create new useful applications. The market capitalization must always reflect the utility and the level of adoption. Anything else is just speculation or market manipulation. Public blockchain projects could not go mainstream since the technology was not mature. Cardano has the potential to change it. It is built for mass adoption. It has taken a lot of time to build Cardano but now it is slowly coming to the scene and it deserves the spotlight. It is smart to speak about the possibilities that Cardano brings and do not promote it just as a good investment.

Do not worry, the market capitalization of the project will probably rise significantly. It is not a promise, though. It is just common sense that the market capitalization of a project with a global social and financial impact will grow. It is not necessary to speak about that. At the moment, there are more important things to speak about. Buy ADA coins if you believe in the mission and become an active member of the community. Use Cardano and explain the mission to your friends. It will change a lot.


The crypto-world is often associated with investment opportunities. It is a better case since we can also see many scamps and unfulfilled promises. Cryptocurrencies have promised a better future but the technology was not matured at the moment when the promise was made. Now, there are many PoS networks and smart contract technology has been innovated as well. Not only that, there are more improvements that will help with adoption. Oracles, stable coins, and identity management projects, to name a few. The time is coming for mainstream adoption. To make it happen, we should not talk only about the price and perceive the cryptocurrency as an investment opportunity. Let’s talk more about things that are really important and that can help to solve real problems. We should ask where Cardano can help to solve real-world problems and how. This is the way we can make the world a better place for living and how Cardano accomplishes its mission.

We can become architects of our future. We cannot rely on third parties if we do not want to. Cardano brings opportunities that people did not have so far. The power of third parties can be weakened but only if people are willing to learn new things and adopt new brilliant technologies of the 21st century.

Source: The mission is the best thing on Cardano

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